Cletus Georges, MD, is a board-certified urologist.  In 1987, he graduated with honors from Andrews University with a degree in Zoology (Biomedical Options).  In 1991, he finished medicine at Cornell University Medical College.  Dr. Cletus Georges then obtained his specialization in General Surgery from Northwestern McGaw Medical Center in 1993, before completing his Urology Residency in the same hospital four years later.

While presently practicing at Health Orlando Urology, Cletus Georges, MD, has also worked as a contract urologist at William Jennings Bryan at Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC, and Florida Urology Associates Florida Hospital Medical Group.

Dr. Cletus Georges is affiliated with several noteworthy organizations, including the American Urological Association, Southeastern Section of American Urological Association, American Medical Association, Florida Medical Association, and Orange County Medical Society.  Dr. Georges also holds fellowships in the American College of Surgeons and International College of Surgeons.

Cletus Georges, MD, also served in administrative and teaching posts, including a department chairman, a peer review committee member, and a mentor.   

The blogs on this page will mainly delve into the specialization of Dr. Cletus Georges, which is urology.  Readers can expect blogs that deal with the male and female urinary tract systems and the male reproductive organs.  There will also be blogs on issues surrounding the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs, including the testes, penis, prostate, and more.

For a preview of upcoming blogs on this page, here are three topics that Dr. Georges will tackle.

Bladder Cancer: Signs, symptoms, and other important information

For this blog, Dr. Cletus Georges shares vital information to help readers detect bladder cancer symptoms in earlier stages.  There are also discussions on important points on risk factors as well as diagnosis and treatment.

Facts about vasectomy everyone should know about

For his second blog, Dr. Cletus Georges introduces readers to the surgical process of vasectomy, which is one of the most effective ways of contraception for men.  He talks about some of the methods by which surgeons complete the procedure and expounds on other basic points.

Learning about kidney stones: Knowing the risk factors

Continuing his public service to readers everywhere, Dr. Cletus Georges writes about the risk factors for kidney stones, which is a common and very much preventable disease, in hopes to educate and inform everyone so that they may avoid developing this health issue.