Vasectomy: An important blog for men seriously considering it


Vasectomy: An important blog for men seriously considering it

Dr. Cletus Georges MD

In this blog, urologist and surgeon Dr. Cletus Georges answers frequently asked questions about urology.  For this particular blog, the spotlight is put on vasectomy.

What exactly is vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed on men for sterilization and permanent contraception.  Urologists and surgeons such as Dr. Cletus Georges cut, tie, or seal the vasa deferentia to stop sperm from making its way into the urethra.  This reduces effectively reduces the chances of fertilization of a female partner during sexual intercourse to almost zero.

Where is vasectomy performed?

Vasectomies are performed in either the doctor’s office or a medical clinic.  Cletus Georges, M.D., also mentions that because vasectomy incisions are small, the equipment used is routine, and the procedure itself is not as complicated as many major surgeries. Thus, hospitalization is not required.

What are the methods of vasectomy?

Dr. Cletus Georges explains that there are a number of ways by which a surgeon may complete a vasectomy, all of which involve sealing at least one side of each vas deferens.  Doctors use a no-needle technique to apply anesthesia and the no-scalpel or open-ended techniques to facilitate a faster and safer recovery process for patients who suffer from anxiety or fear of needles or incisions.

How long does a vasectomy take?

Vasectomies typically last 30 minutes at the most, with a maximum of 60 minutes for recovery at the doctor’s office or clinic.  After which, the patient can be sent home to rest.

How long does it take for a vasectomy patient to recover fully?

According to Dr. Cletus Georges, the average time it takes for vasectomy patients to return to having sexual intercourse with their partner with little-to-no pain or discomfort is a little over a week.

When is vasectomy recommended?

Vasectomy is recommended for fathers who have had a number of children and are happy and content with said number.  It is rarely advised to single, childless men.  However, even those who are slated to undergo vasectomy may sometimes be unprepared for the procedure’s psychological and emotional effects, which is why there is counseling available for it.

Why is vasectomy a popular choice?

Dr. Cletus Georges explains that vasectomy is a popular choice since it is the most effective permanent form of contraception for men.  It is also cost-effective and less invasive.  Plus, there are new and innovative techniques being developed for the procedure.

Urologist Dr. Cletus Georges is also a teacher, adviser, part of a review committee, and chairman.  In 1987, he graduated with honors from Andrews University with a degree in Zoology (Biomedical Options).  In 1991, he finished medical school at Cornell University Medical College.  Dr. Georges obtained his General Surgery specialization and his Urology Residency from Northwestern McGaw Medical Center.  Read more about Dr. Georges and his practice on this page.